Full Feature-Pre-Production


Main Actors: Tony Todd, JT,  (Others TBA)

Saving Grace-Action/Drama Short - Pre-Production
Writer: Shannon Smith, Director, TBA, Producer-Charmaine Balcerzak, DP-unknown, Art Director-unknown, Editor-unknown
Main Actors: TBA Synopsis:  Grace is six she has terminal cancer. The insurance company denies her claim for life saving treatment. Her parents, Alexander and Cassidy, are devastated. Bollo, a man from their past, resurfaces with access to an experimental new drug. It is exactly what Grace needs to have a chance at living to see seven. His catch, Cassidy and Alexander must come back in for one final job. Their love for their daughter, and for each other, propels them through the city on one final heist. Bollo isn’t the only one who is interested in getting Alexander and Cassidy back. They have plenty of enemy’s, all of whom are hell bent on seeing them fail.  Link to mobile landing page:

TheServant-Comedy/Romance-Coming in 2015

Short- Pre-production

Writer/Director: Alan August, Producer - Charmaine Balcerzak, DP- unknown, Art Director- unknown, Editor-unknown

Main Actors: TBA

Synopsis: Max and Claire live a privileged life with their devoted servant, Orlando, yet all is not as happy as it seems. Orlando has hidden feelings for Claire and Claire is unsure where her true feelings lie. When Max and Claire announce their engagement, dormant passions come to a boil and a truth is revealed that threatens to destroy everyone's peace forever.

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The Silver Moonlight: Drama/Romance
Full Feature
Please click to watch trailer. Coming in Fall 2014

Director: Ev Miodik, Producer-Charmaine Balcerzak, DP-Jessica Ham, Art Director/Producer-Evelina Castillo Main Actors: Lindsay Reynolds as Sybille, Eric Calderon as Matthias, Christopher Gray as Pale Man and Sabina Leigh as Madame Leander.   Logline: A young cabaret singer, pursued by otherworldly forces, pays the ultimate price for love. Synopsis: The body of a beautiful young woman is fished out of a lake and brought to the morgue leaving the attendants to wonder what drove her to such a grisly fate. The story then jumps back some time, chronicling a young cabaret singer who makes a devilish deal with the demonic mistress of the club in order to pursue her true love, but the supernatural forces at work ultimately lead to tragedy for the girl.  
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