At Entertainment Marketing Communications, LLC (EMC) our mission is to provide directors and producers a comprehensive plan to help develop their films. One way to achieve this goal is to introduce product placement into the film. In addition, having businesses advertise along with the films. For example... having brand products be advertised on the backdrop while pictures are being taken with cast members, print advertising, social media, landing mobile pages, film websites, news letters, press releases, radio, open screen night and inserts to swag bags and much more. This method will help reach goals of completion and gives businesses worldwide and community exposure. Product placement is also a creative way of locating and negotiating prominent placement for our client's brand, name or product in feature films, short films, books and television. Product placement is a way to build brand recognition and to enhance a company image with visual entertainment.  

EMC is involved with many of the Chambers of Commerce's, among other networking groups. Below are links of 

some brand companies and Universities that have been associated with Entertainment Marketing Communications and who have helped the film industry. 


 There are three types of product placement:  
Visual Placement – When a product or brand appears on screen in the setting of a television program or film. This is the easiest and most common way to place a product and to promote a company’s brand. Verbal Placement – is when an actor verbally requests or references to a product by name.  It is a way to get the general public to respond and get name recognition.  
​Hands on Placement – is when an actor physically handles a product, interacts with a product and gets instant public response, where the audience wants to taste, feel or smell the product just by seeing it.
Brand companies use product placement and has a bottom line result. It is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising and has the ability to reach millions of consumers through film and television. It has a major advantage of receiving worldwide exposure and one of the longest lasting effects on consumers.

​                                           Opportunity for Filmmakers

Short-Feature-Cable-Television-Sitcom-Drama or Reality Filmmakers who are interested in having product placement in there film or need additional help with funding through the help of the local community businesses who want to advertise with your film via social media, landing pages, website, radio etc.  EMC has some unique advertising packages that offer the local businesses to help filmmakers.  Filmmakers will have to submit script and synopsis for review and additional information needed for your submission. (NDA will be signed)