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"EMC gets your BRAND recognized with indie films and the local community"

Charmaine is the owner of EMC and Majestic Sunset Productions, above is her reel that she has work on in the film industry.

Attached is Charmaine's imdb information.

"Entertainment Marketing Communications knows that communication is the key to success"

Entertainment Marketing Communications and Majestic Sunset Productions is a full service marketing, advertising, product placement, public relations, management and production company that specializes in company branding across media platforms. Utilizing the newest media technology,  EMC provides prestigious campaigns and films for our clients.

Ed Kramer is part of the EMC team, above is a sample of Ed Kramer's reel when he was working at George Lucas’s company Industrial Light and Magic for 12 years, Ed has screen credits on more than 20 blockbuster feature films. 

  Entertainment Marketing Communications is Based in Denver, Colorado, we are equipped to travel to locations nationwide. Utilizing the newest media technology, Entertainment Marketing Communications has helped business professionals in the entertainment, beauty, fashion, sports and health care fields. Any business that seeks to expand its presence in the marketplace is suitable for our type of marketing communications expertise. In addition, we create and facilitate special and important events that include non-profit organizations.

  We utilize integrated marketing techniques such as mobile apps, that EMC will create for your business and will always stay up to date with the latest technology.  Entertainment Marketing Communications offers Quick Response Codes (QR Codes)  to work with smart phones that can be put on business cards, press kits, press releases and other marketing materials as desired. Entertainment Marketing Communication creates a successful media campaign and integrated marketing tools that provide returns on your investments. 

Entertainment Marketing Communications offers consultations, management, marketing, public relations, business plans, branding, search engine optimizations (SEO), product placement, full service production, 30 second commercials, PR for film festivals, press kits, press releases and trailers for your film. ​

Our team consists of a manager, producer, editors for film or music, a special effects supervisor, directors of  photography, creative graphic designers and content writers who will provide exactly what is needed for your business solutions. Entertainment Marketing Communication goes beyond exceeding your expectations.  
Entertainment Marketing Communications supports the Hispanic Community and Hispanic Talent.  

​If you have any questions, would like to schedule an appointment or would like a quote, please call Charmaine at Entertainment Marketing Communications at
Main Office No. (303) 578-6433